Gary Sambrook

Conservative Candidate for Birmingham Northfield 


A Birmingham City Councillor, Gary is a “Brummie” through and through and works for Halesowen and Rowley Regis MP James Morris.


Gary will focus his campaign on education, where he wants to ensure that a world-class education is provided for every child, whatever their background. On housing and regeneration with the focus on building the homes communities across Northfield need. And also on working to make sure people can get on in life and provide for their families with a good job.


“I am delighted to be selected as the Conservative candidate for Northfield,” Gary said.


“I believe in serving society and local communities, standing up for those who do the right thing, those who do the work, those who raise the families and those who start the businesses which fund our public services.


“Only the Conservatives can build a country that works for everyone with a stronger, fair economy and a more caring society.


“I want to become MP for Northfield to make sure the people of this area see their hard work recognised and rewarded so they can lead fulfilling, happy lives,” he added.


GARY SAYS “Build more homes local people can afford”

Across Birmingham, there has been a lot of house building. But is has often been out of the reach of local residents.


The city centre has boomed. Apartment blocks popping up on the skyline. But the same can’t be said for the suburbs of Birmingham. 


Gary Sambrook - Why am I standing at this election?

I'm standing at this election because we need a someone who will stand up for Birmingham Northfield. We need someone who will put the local area first. And we need somone who will deliver Brexit rather than delay it.