Gary Sambrook - Why am I standing at this election?

I'm standing at this election because we need a someone who will stand up for Birmingham Northfield. We need someone who will put the local area first. And we need somone who will deliver Brexit rather than delay it. 


It’s time to get Brexit done so we can focus on the issues which matter most to us all like the NHS, Police and Schools. The conservatives are proposing just that. £33.9 billion extra for the NHS. 20,000 extra Police officers and more money for every school. 


But is's not all about national issues I also have a plan for our local area. Helping local shops, campaigning for more affordable homes and making sure we get our fair share of police here in Birmingham Northfield.


  • Building homes local people can afford - giving people the chance to own their own home.
  • Improving your train journey from Kings Norton, Longbridge and Northfield. Meaning people will get faster journeys – and more seats too!
  • Tackle crime and antisocial behaviour. By ensuring we get new officers on the beat from the 20,000 new police being recruited.    
  • Launch the “Shop Local” Campaign. Working with local businesses and the community to promote local shops, that means people will back local businesses. 
  • Work with local employers and the West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street to set up jobs fairs. Helping more people get high-quality jobs paying a good wage.
  • Keep parks free and our area clean. I’ve worked with local residents on a petition to stop parking charges being introduced at some local parks. And I’ll keep working with residents on litter picks.


Since being selected in March to stand here I have been championing local people. Whether that was supporting community events. Helping a campaign to save a local post office. Or campaigning for better train services. I will always put local people first.