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GARY SAYS “Build more homes local people can afford”

Across Birmingham, there has been a lot of house building. But is has often been out of the reach of local residents.


The city centre has boomed. Apartment blocks popping up on the skyline. But the same can’t be said for the suburbs of Birmingham. 


Gary Sambrook - Why am I standing at this election?

I'm standing at this election because we need a someone who will stand up for Birmingham Northfield. We need someone who will put the local area first. And we need somone who will deliver Brexit rather than delay it. 


Can you believe it?

Many residents have raised with Councillor Debbie Clancy speeding on local roads.

Northfield Pool

Having watched the development of the new Northfield Leisure Centre it hardly seems possible that it was such a struggle to convince the powers that be in the City Council that a new pool should be built in the heart of Northfield, where it belonged.  Councillor Randal Brew spent many hours in me

Bus Stops

Randal Brew has led a successful campaign to restore on the bus stops outside the Grosvenor in Northfield Shopping Centre. The changes will take effect on 5th February. There were many elderly and disabled residents who were struggling when the bus stops were suspended.

Problems with Bins - Still not Resolved

We were told the bin strike was over last November but we're still receiving complaints from local residents who have been coping with missed collections.   On a regular basis vulnerable residents who should receive assisted collections continue to be ignored and in some cases, whole roads have b

North Worcestershire Golf Club Redevelopment

Towards the end of last year Bloor Homes, the proposed developers for the land owned by North Worcestershire Golf Club, submitted a new planning application to build 950 new homes on the site. The plans included, amongst other things, building a new primary school and a community centre.

Austin Village Conservation Status

Birmingham City Council has indicated that the Austin Village Conservation Area will no longer be designated as such.  Councillor Debbie Clancy has been working with local residents in the area for some years and Graham Knight has also become a supporter of the fight to ensure the area can keep i

Made in Kings Norton - Thomas The Tank Engine

Some residents may be unaware that popular children’s character Thomas the Tank Engine was created in Kings Norton. The Reverend Wilbert Awdry developed the first of the Thomas stories while Curate at St Nicolas during the Second World War.